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Race to the forefront of digitisation and wealth management with
LU Global.

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The year 2020 has permanently changed the way that consumers behave. The demands for digital standards is rising quickly and customers now expect online solutions and having their orders fulfilled virtually from home. While competition between businesses has become more dynamic, at the same time, new and bigger opportunities have also emerged for the growth of wealth management today.

Leverage on our technology and expertise to put your business on the right track and raise your company’s digital capabilities to the next level to meet your business objectives at lower costs.

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Investment management firm

At LU Global, our differentiated private market products offer you superior returns, compared to traditional market instruments. Our hard-to-access Chinese onshore mutual funds and unique investment opportunities, together with our direct links with Ping An Group and other prestigious fund houses will offer you an edge over your competitors.

We understand your firm’s incentive to keep your cost base low, given the competitive pressure on management fees. Therefore, our product fees are competitive. With our user-friendly web portal, you can easily access your next market-winning opportunity with just a few clicks. Now you can better meet your investors’ expectations with ease.

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Family office

The demands of wealthy families on their family offices are ever growing. Hence the increased desire for more sophisticated investment products. Yet having a variety of alternatives from multiple banking relationships can be costly and the logistics of handling these relationships becomes a headache.

At LU Global we help you cope with these challenging demand by bringing you unique and top-quality alternatives on an easy to use platform.

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