Singaporean martial arts superstar, Amir Khan is a role model to many. He overcame adversity and has accumulated several highlight-reel finishes that showcase his immense talent and growing skills. He is one of the martial arts athletes with the most knockouts in ONE history and has now set his sights on claiming the ONE Lightweight World Championship. He achieved this success due to his training commitment, discipline and focus. Taking inspiration from ONE Championship and Amir Khan, we’ve compiled some key lessons from martial arts that can be applied to your investment strategy.


If you’re an investor who grew up before the 90’s you probably watched martial arts movies like ‘The Karate Kid’, ‘Best of the Best’, or ‘Enter the Dragon’. Stars like Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris were idols of self-defense. But today, there’s a new champion in the ring – mixed martial arts.

What was once a showcase of individual martial arts is now its own unique style that blends elements of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Silat, Taekwondo, Submission Grappling, and everything in between. ONE Championship (ONE), the world’s largest martial arts organization is driving the growth of the sport globally with a unique tradition of Asian values and world-class athletes.

The investment arena, like the world of martial arts, is also undergoing a rapid evolution. LU Global, the newest player in the industry heavy weight follows in ONE’s footsteps with the mission to answer the question ‘What if?” – What if investments could be easier and more flexible? This mindset has allowed LU Global to simplify investment opportunities by offering a service that’s truly in your corner.

Taking inspiration from ONE Championship, we’ve compiled four key lessons which highlight how today’s investors can use LU Global to invest on their terms, without limitation


Lesson #1 – Break down barriers


ONE Championship has been commended by martial arts athletes and fans alike for its unique and exciting ruleset, judging and refereeing criteria which allows for more action, yet is still safe. They are also praised for unleashing real life martial arts superheroes who have had to conquer unfathomable hardship and adversity, tremendous poverty, unspeakable tragedy and impossible odds to achieve their dreams.

LU Global is also breaking down the barriers of investing and creating flexible terms in order to bring control back to investors. Knowing investors are typically burdened by inflexible terms such as large minimum spends and high bank fees, the LU Global app was designed to let you invest different. The app allows investors to invest in the same highly sought-after global investment products that banks offer, but with a buy-in as low as $5,000 USD and zero subscription fees.


Lesson #2 – Make the most of advantageous positions

A driving factor behind the success of ONE Championship is the notable difference in the length and number of rounds compared to traditional combat sports. A traditional boxing match for example has 12 rounds of 3 minutes, whereas martial arts athletes fight in a much shorter 5 rounds of 5 minutes.

Traditional investment practices can be likened with that of boxing. The long multi-year tenor periods involved limit your opportunity to make changes and can cause missed opportunities.

LU Global overhauls these limitations by giving investors the ability to earn potential returns within just 3 months. Investors who use LU Global have the potential to see benefits faster, and if need be, change their game plan quicker.


Lesson #3 – Select moves across multiple disciplines

A complete investment portfolio should be just as well-rounded as a mixed martial arts athlete. They may enter the sport with one core martial arts discipline but they are always adding new skills from multiple disciplines to enhance their skill sets.

As a part of a cohesive fighting strategy, asset classes, like the different disciplines of a martial arts athlete, should fit together. Your equity allocation – your kickboxing. Your foreign exposure – your jiu-jitsu. Your fixed incomes – your wrestling. And your alternatives – your conditioning.

The way a mixed martial artist incorporates multiple disciplines allows for multiple methods of neutralizing an opponent’s strength – an investor should also benefit from multiple methods to neutralize the market by using a well-diversified portfolio.

LU Global helps investors do this by giving them the opportunity to invest in other attractive economies, industries and private listed companies which they wouldn’t usually have access to.


Lesson #4 – Be on your game all the time

Investing and martial arts are both highly competitive, fast-moving arenas. The key to success is constantly improving knowledge and skills to beat the opponent/market. Strategies that work today, might not work tomorrow.

Driven by the belief that old ways of investing won’t open new doors, the LU Global app was designed to overcome the inconveniences of traditional investment methods so that investors can be on their game all the time. By leveraging advanced technology, the LU Global app is able to support a 100% online account opening process so the keys to the market are in your pocket, 24/7.

The award-winning LU Global app is born out of the tech expertise of one of the most valuable fintech unicorns, Lufax, and China’s highly successful Ping An Group (#7 largest company under Forbes 2018 Global 2000 list). Incorporated in Singapore in January 2017, LU Global is licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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