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Get a better sense of the investing environment today, and find out all about the progress we are embarking on to help you invest better, beyond the typical traditional investing limits.

Fintech FinTech – a billion-dollar industry

Everyone knows fintech is a billion-dollar industry but what you might not know, is there are no signs of this slowing!

Fintech Breaking the zero-sum game: BCG report spotlights collaborative smart transformation in wealth management

The rapid advancement of smart technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics…

Fintech 5 fintech trends in 2020 aggregated from the web

Bonus payout time is the most highly awaited time of the year. But it is what we do when the cash hits our accounts that matters…

Fintech What’s better than competition? Collaboration!

Fintech was built with the goal of improving access to financial services for all. Competition is healthy, but what's better than competition is collaboration. At LU Global, we welcome partners in neighbouring countries who share our passion for making investment...

Fintech A smarter future for wealth management

Intelligent wealth management goes one step further than digital KYC assessments by leveraging artificial intelligence, big data and...

Fintech LU Global, in your corner: 4 Investment Lessons inspired by ONE Championship

Singaporean martial arts superstar, Amir Khan is a role model to many. He overcame adversity and has accumulated several highlight-reel finishes that showcase his immense talent and growing skills. He is one of the martial arts athletes with the most knockouts in...

Fintech Make space London and New York: The fintech scene in Singapore is also giving customers what they want

You’ve seen the headlines - the world is in the grip of a financial revolution. But what you may not know, is nowhere is this phenomenon more alive than in Singapore. Two years ago, LU Global was the first Chinese fintech to land on this small island state. The...

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