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Get a better sense of the investing environment today, and find out all about the progress we are embarking on to help you invest better, beyond the typical traditional investing limits.

Investing Investing in private assets – Risks vs Returns

Private assets, including private equity, continue to gain momentum, but it certainly carries risk. Understanding how this asset class,can work to your advantage is important.

Investing The Largest Wealth Transfer of all Time is Upon us

It’s time to prepare for the greatest wealth transfer in history. For ultra-high net worth families, the protection and preservation of wealth is a priority - here’s how family offices can help.

Investing Wealth Management in Southeast Asia – Winds of Change Continue

When it comes to wealth management, winds of change in client expectations, fintech breakthroughs and partnership models are upending Southeast Asia’s wealth-management industry. Find out how in this article.

Investing Catering to the next generation of wealth holders – LU’s perspective

The great wealth transfer has started. Wealth transfers are expected to reach USD 15.4 million by 2030 - the biggest in history - and the next generation has their own hopes and fears.

Fintech Digital wealth management – LU Global Perspectives

The breakneck speed at which wealth management is being digitised will tilt the scales in favour of wealth-tech platforms that offer investors access to bespoke investment opportunities.

Investing Buy, build, or partner – that is the question

As the relentless march of digitalisation continues, the million-dollar question is - should banking & wealth management firms buy, build, or partner with fintech? Find out what’s right for you.

Investing Women in Fintech – LU Global’s vision

There are wide-ranging social upsides to seeing more female participation in fintech, and at LU Global, we’re sowing the seeds for a more inclusive fintech industry with equal gender representation.

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