Everyone wants to grow their money. Many of you are keen to invest but often have too many worries that deter you. With so much information available online, it’s crucial to be able to distinguish facts from fiction. Let’s debunk some common investing myths!


1. You need to be an expert before putting in any capital


Must you be an expert in finance before deciding to invest? Not quite. There are so many quality resources online that educate people on how to invest. Take the time to learn and make sure you understand the product that you want to invest in.

If you’re new to investing, you may want to focus on a few products that interest you and specialise in them. You can choose a sector that you are already familiar with based on your hobbies or interest. Study it in depth so that you can decide whether it is an appropriate product for you.

2. You need to have a large capital to begin investing


Must you be rich to invest? Not necessarily. There are many investment options today that allow clients to start investing with just a few hundred dollars. The minimum investment amount for some LU Global products can be as low as $1 USD. How awesome is that! Just make sure you know your investment objectives so that you can find the right product to invest in.


3. You need to lock in your funds for a long period to generate good returns


Are you turned off by the idea of locking up your capital for 10 years? Or perhaps you might worry about needing cash in the near future? Don’t let this deter you. Today, there are options with shorter investment periods of 3 to 6 months generating similar returns. Take advantage of this, find a product that suits your investment horizon!


4. You need to study finance to learn how to invest


Do you need to have studied finance in order to learn how to invest? Of course not! Regardless of your academic background, anyone can learn to invest through independent learning. In fact, you might even be poised to explore new strategies and products because you are open to learning! There are tons of resources available online for you to explore and educate yourself. Why not start with a virtual account and practice? You can try out different strategies and start out with a low investment to build more confidence!

A word of caution. Don’t be fooled by unsubstantiated opinions that you see online. There are many investment options out there. Make sure you do your own research thoroughly before putting in your money. It’s an exciting experience to learn how to invest, and definitely rewarding when you do it properly. Go out there and experience it for yourself!



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